Jen Fuemana, Liz Allen, Barbara Holloway, Dirk Peterson, Rose Jackson and Anita Sanghera

Jen Fuemana, Liz Allen, Barbara Holloway, Dirk Peterson, Rose Jackson and Anita Sanghera


Who we are

Activate Auckland is a collaborative Council community initiative to enable cultural expression and arts-based activities to energize and enhance the public spaces of inner city Auckland. Its purpose is to bring a quality social environment and enrichment to streets, alleyways and backspaces within the natural and built cityscape and the inner city living experience. Enlivening the streets and open spaces of the city centre brings colour, joy and new and unexpected interactive experiences and citizen-led participatory opportunities to the heart of Auckland.

As the city of Auckland transforms and evolves with significant development and population growth, Activate Auckland enables arts-based initiatives and activities that are connecting and community-orientated and bring a sense of belonging – inspired by our volcanic landscape, harbours, stories of people and the land, and our place in the world.

Activate Auckland invites artists, cultural groups, creative practitioners, makers, designers, writers, musicians and performers from the arts, culture and creative industries, science and technology – to bring citizen inspired and people-centred projects together to catalyse ideas and transition project concepts to reality.

The cultural and arts-based activation of inner city Auckland embraces the authenticity, cultures and creativity and human expressions of the ever changing environment of citizen participation. Across all facets of life - from soil to sea, to making and sharing, to song and performance, to music and dance - it is culture and arts that bring people together, connect us and enrich our society.

Activate Auckland aims to offer new and delightful experiences to Aucklanders, visitors and guests to our city. Auckland in New Zealand and the Pacific – a place we call home.

Barbara Holloway - Team Leader, City Centre Place Activation

Michelle Ardern - Programme Manager, Pa Rongorongo

Anita Sanghera - Specialist, City Centre Place Activation

Rose Jackson - Principal Advisor, Development Response

Jen Fuemana - Information Hub Host

Catherine Edmeades - Programme Manager, Development Response